This project is about multi concept creative wall art and theme work.This project of wall art has so many creative decor wall decor and art ideas.This multi concept wall art has different creative reflections.This is the perfect representation of amazing natural sights.This multi dimensional creative wall art project involves oil painting,formic sheet work DIY flowers,animal and character art.


  • Creative multi concept wall art
  • Pre-designing for wall art
  • Natural beauty wall art
  • Making flowers and tree with formic sheet
  • Peacock designing wall art

Creative Multi Concept wall Art

This wall art is based on multi color theme.As you can see the starting is the night view with the combination of snow.To add more vision to this color combination the bottom is designed with the panda and white Flowers the concept follows on with green purple and other colors.


Pre-Designing for wall Art

This wall art is the project in school.So here there are some things that we consider are the creative reflections for all those along with school kids.As you can see there are some character animations along with natural beauty and flowers.The wall is painted with colors as the concept has been designed first roughly on paper and then illustrates on the wall.After the colors the supporting and combination things will be added to the art like flowers at the bottom,designing of the panda and peacock.

For the black and white color combination at the start the Panda and white flowers have been designed.For green the natural sight along with green tree and leafs has been placed.The next is blue as the blue water along with blue sky and blue flowers the amazing combination of peacock has been added to this section.For red off course the red flowers.The orange has some autumn combination with orange trees.the last one is yellow,for yellow the sun and yellow flowers along with yellow ducks.


Natural Beauty and Landscape wall Art

The whole top of the wall is designed with landscape concept and natural beauty.The sea sight and some natural looking birds are giving an amazing look to the overall wall.

Colorful Flowers and trees

There are seven colors used here along with some shads.The bottom is filled with beautiful flowers with every color combination.the very first are white flowers and as we go on the blue red and yellow flowers.There are made with formic sheets and not painted on the wall.As they give a good 3D look to the wall.

Peacock Design on the wall

In the blue combination designing a peacock was not an easy task.As the back is painted on the wall but the head is designed separately with plaster of paris. As the peacock here is looking as a master piece and along with some butterfly are adding extra falvor to the look.

I hope you like this color theme wall art project.As this is the project representation not the step by step guide.So we have not disuccess each and everyhting here.Watch the video for more concepts and ask anything in the comment section or through our contact page.You can order any of the work or project either in digital or in hard.The shipment is available for any of the work.Place your order or any custom work order through our shop page.Stay motivated and have a creative mind.Thanks for reading.

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