Jute Craft Design Ideas

Jute work is the most unique art & Craft idea to work. There are several ideas in this Jute craft category.The choice could be anything with jute work.The wall decoration with jute or making DIY crafts with Jute give you the most unique and different look for your work.Here we will see a wall decor with jute art.In this jute work project there are many sub craft items.we will see how we can make a good and professional looking wall decor with jute.

Jute Work Design Ideas


  • What is jute work
  • craft ideas with jute work
  • How to design wall with jute
  • how to make simple Crafts with Jute
  • How to make animals and birds With jute
  • Wall Decor with Jute final look

What is Jute Work

Jute is a Rough fibre that is used for making ropes twine and similar products.Jute is produced through a plant.Jute has a natural Brown range color. Jute is also called a golden fibre. There are other several uses of Jute but here we are going to use jute as crafts and decor.

Craft Ideas With Jute Work

The craft and art field has unlimited categories.There is no limitation to ideas.You can make anything with jute.Anything with golden fibre. In coming posts we will discuss how to begin making crafts with jute work.you can make wall hangings,DIY Room Decor items,Gift packs with jute,Anything wrapped with jute,plastic bucket to Recycle bin.Flower and plant holding with jute.

How to Decorate wall With Jute

Here we have a task to decorate a wall with Jute.It was project in the school to decorate wall with something that looks different and unique.so the whole work is done with jute.Designing with jute is not as easy as working and cutting of paper.The very first thing is to define the theme of the project.what you are going to do with jute.This project is about showing the natural scenry along with animals and birds.Making animal and birds with jute fibre was a challenging task.

The main ideas and theme of the project is based upon these lines from the Holy Quran. So it is the representations of blessings from Lord.

[bs-quote quote=”So which of the Blessings of Your Lord (Allah) will you deny?”

“Surah-e-Rehman from Holy Quran”]


How to make Simple Crafts with Jute

Here is the traditional home designs made with jute fibre. The whole project consist of many crafts.The animals birds designing of mountains with jute,water fruits and other small items.


Animal-Birds and Fruits With Jute


The wall is decorated with natural looking things.The first part is to design different crafts for placing on wall.The easy way is to make with anything that is easy like cardboard,paper or anything and wrap up with jute.After making the the look comes with painting and decorating the product.The finishing is necessary part of anything.

Wall Decor With Jute Final Look

The whole wall has so many things to display.We will discuss in coming posts about how to make a peacock and other birds with jute in detail.So here is the final look of the wall.



I Hope you liked the project.As this is the project representation not the step by step guide.You can Watch the video on our YouTube channel.Subscribe more guides and more Ideas. You can order any thing related to this project or in design art and craft. Shipment is also available for any kind of project.so feel free to ask anything about project and feel free to place your custom orders. stay motivated,simple and happy…

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